COgnitiveSystems using Perception-Action Learning

Information Society Technologies
IST-2003- Cognitive Systems
Project Number: IST-004176

COSPAL final deliverables

The Final Activity Report describes contributions to the research field, achievments and scientific impact of the COSPAL project.
The Final Demonstrator Report describes the COSPAL demonstrator. A short video sequence shows all modules interacting to control the robot.

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Executive Summary

Artificial Cognitive Systems (ACS) will become a future key technology with high impact on economy, society, and daily life. Autonomous robots with perceptual capabilities can be applied in many areas such as production, public and private service, science, etc. The current state of research on ACS shows essential lacks concerning the design and architecture of the systems. In the COSPAL project, we try to overcome these limitations and to propose a new ACS architecture.

In the COSPAL architecture we combine techniques from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) for symbolic reasoning and learning of artificial neural networks (ANN) for association of percepts and states in a bidirectional way. We establish feedback loops through the continuous and the symbolic parts of the system, which allow perception-action feedback at several levels in the system. After an initial bootstrapping phase, incremental learning techniques are used to train the system simultaneously at different levels, allowing adaptation and exploration. We expect the COSPAL architecture to allow the design of systems that show to a large extent autonomous behavior.

Roadmap / Milestones (start date: 1/7-2004):

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