Backyard Water Toys

Summer is here and kids and adults alike are looking for ways to cool down from the heat and maybe have a little fun at the same time with creative backyard pool ideas.  There are a couple of ways we can do that, you don’t need to travel far just to your own backyard.  Grab a hose and put on a swim suit and you’re pretty much ready.  Wait, you do need a couple of backyard water toys for you and the kids to have some fun this summer.

Backyard Fun

Consider hanging out in the backyard with the kids your very own “stay-cation”.  You don’t have to spend hours in the car trying to make it to the nearest beach or even traveling to the local public pool.  In your own backyard you can put together your own water slide.  All you need is a slide, which is relatively inexpensive and your hose.  If you have a smaller yard then you can get a sprinkler with some fun attachments that your little ones can run through.  If you’re fortunate enough to have a back yard pool there are tons of blow up flotation devices they can sit on or paddle around with while learning how to swim.  Here are some cool sprinkler attachments that can give you hours of fun.

Icy Treats

It’s every parent’s nightmare, you are sitting outside with the kids and you hear that noise…the music from the ice cream truck.  It is coming through the neighborhood and your kids are already jumping up and down wanting a treat.  While you can’t reroute the ice cream truck you can make your own treats at home that are cheaper and healthier.  You can even get the kids to help or have them make their own.  All you need are some cool molds that will hold some juice and a handful of popsicle sticks, both are readily available at a craft store.  You can make enough for the whole family or the whole neighborhood.  You can use fresh fruit juices so they are a bit healthier, but lemonade or any flavor of Kool-Aid your kids like will work in a pinch.  Let’s face it, kids love popsicles and this way you can at least control the sugar.

Too Hot to Play Outside

There will be the occasional day where it is just too hot or maybe it’s pouring rain and the idea of sitting in the backyard just doesn’t work for you then don’t worry.  You can turn your bathroom into a tropical paradise.  Yes, it will be messy but at least it is contained to one room.  You can throw some pool toys into the bathtub and fill it up will cooler water.  Drag a radio in the bathroom and put on some tunes.  Sit back and enjoy one of the yummy popsicles that you already made.  If you have smaller kids this is great.  You can at least make the most of the day.

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